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Orange Coast Musical Arts

home school music program


    Experiences, Connections, Service

    A  God-Honoring, Homeschool Support Group for OCMA & OCMA-Friendly Families


    God-honoring lifetime connections, peer support, confidence building, serving, memories, refining talents and interests, discovering 

    new talents and interests, fun! ….


    An OCMA support group: Activities, concerts, field trips, classes, dances, yearbooks, service projects, workshops, student yearbook,               student newspaper/newsletter, sports clinics, monthly mom’s nite out, fundraisers, and graduation/promotion. Events will be limited,          because OCMA music activities are very busy already. 1-2 activities per month max. For Jr. High & High School mostly. Some events may be   suitable for all ages.

   How it works:

   Register (It’s free!) See form. This will help us contact you with event information and updates.

   Select events you want to attend from the Google Calendar.

    **If the event requires a payment ahead, pay through PayPal online.

    Or if it’s pay at the door—cash only, please.

      Each event is budgeted to cover its own costs.

      Events will be potluck or BYO as much as possible.

       If you have an idea for an activity, service project, or field trip, contact us!  .